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Welcome! is the home of Deadweasel Studio, originator of the Children of the Gods podcast, and Peppermint Bone!

The Lonely Road Ahead

TLRA_CoverIt’s finally here!

The Lonely Road Ahead, the latest Peppermint Bone album, is going live, track-by-track!

First up is the instrumental version of the first track on the album, Gone Too Long. Give it a listen on the streaming player, or go download it! I’m currently working on the lyrics for this one, and then I’ll be moving on to complete the second track, Sandstorm.

More tracks coming as they reach completion!

New Stuff!

It’s been a little while since I last posted up here, but that by no means indicates that I’ve been idle at all! There’ve been a ton of things in the pipeline from the Studio!

Children of the Gods is about ready to go on chapter 10-2. Despite an insanely-long wait time, it’s finally nearing completion. Currently, I’m waiting on the final stuff from Timothy Pinkham, who very generously offered to donate his skills to the cause for scoring.

  • This new site scheme!
  • Updated online player for the music tracks hosted here.
  • Another Peppermint Bone album in the works! Again, more info (and a couple of tracks!) will be posted up very soon.
  • Working on a complete redesign on the CotG main site to enhance and improve the visitor experience, as well as integrate more features between the various channels of communication on offer for the show and its related sites.

So yeah, busy busy BUSY! Lots and lots of stuff to do, and nowhere near enough hours in each day to work on it!

New Inner Stellar Track

Peppermint Bone has just released yet another track for the Inner Stellar Album.

It’s called Souldust, and it’s an easygoing, relaxing little tune. Give it a listen on Inner Stellar’s page!