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Deadweasel.net is the home of Deadweasel Studio, originator of the Children of the Gods podcast, and Peppermint Bone!

About DW Studio


DW Studio started out simple, as most projects of its type do; the very inception of its name creating a central focus point for all of my creative projects, spanning across all forms of media.

At first, it simply served to provide a kind of vanity badge to the first projects, giving them that extra little bit of credibility that helped to make them stand out through association with a larger concerted effort. When I began putting together a sound track for a family video DVD, I realized that what I was doing was satisfying in a way that I hadn’t experienced before, and I knew I wanted to do more of it.

So was born the initial public release: Peppermint Bone’s first album, Close to the Wind.

For a little while after that, I proceeded to tinker and play with music, building up some various ideas, never really bringing any of them to completion. Then out of the blue, one of Close to the Wind’s tracks, Beat Conductor, was selected as Download.com’s Editor’s Pick of the Month! I was floored. To think that something I made got such accolades! I had only shared the track on Download.com’s music section for the sheer heck of it, just to see what other folks thought of it. Apparently, they liked it. I was suddenly filled with new motivation to go back to those music ideas and begin breathing some real life into them.

I had about three tracks of the new album completed, when the idea for the Children of the Gods podcast came about. Yet another audio project, and boy was this one a doozey! Featuring voice talent from all around the world, the project drove me to learn more about audio effects production. In no time at all, CotG was garnering some major attention. Deadweasel Studio was gaining some noteriety!

With CotG growing madly, in between episodes, I turned back to that album, and made the decision to center it around CotG itself. The three completed tracks seemed to have the feel of being related to the show already, so why not? As CotG grew in complexity and quality, so too did my pool of ideas for music, and Inner Stellar finally began to take shape.

Since the day when I made the conscious decision to begin using my resources as an honest production studio, things have grown by leaps and bounds, and accordingly, so have the number of media projects! There’s lots more “in the pipe” that I can’t mention just yet, but rest assured: when the time comes to bring them out into the light, I’ll do it right here at Deadweasel.net!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay! :)


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