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Children of the Gods


“A war we cannot lose. An enemy we cannot defeat. A destiny we will not escape!” These words are the tagline for the very popular science fiction adventure podcast Children of the Gods, but they barely scratch the surface when it comes to describing this awe-inspiring modern day audio theater presentation. Subscription is free, offering up full quality 128kbps mp3 format episodes.

500 years in the future, a chain of events has left the earth an inhospitable place. Humanity has survived by building colonies in orbit, on the moon and mars. The earth can recover, given enough time, and the Terrans are determined to tough it out, but a new threat is on the horizon: the Tarthet.

Join Captain Kevin Corval and his Nova Squadron, as they fight against an invading alien armada in this original story by author CMack.

For show episodes and subscription details and more, click to Children of the Gods.net.