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Peppermint Bone

peppermintbone_logoPeppermint Bone is a unique foray into the digital music arena. The first album released was a soundtrack for Deadweasel Studio’s very first media project, “Westward Bound”. Now, with Children of the Gods running strong, the sounds of Peppermint Bone have been tapped once more. Inner Stellar is an album consisting of music that was both created for CotG, as well as inspired by it.


Close to the Wind is a concept album, written specifically for the video project Westward Bound. This album was released online, and received C-Net’s “Editor’s Pick of the Month” award for the track Beat Conductor.


Inner Stellar is composed of music created for and inspired by the sci-fi adventure podcast, Children of the Gods. The album is decidedly darker than the previous release, yet still maintains Peppermint Bone’s signature disdain for adhering to a set genre. Inner Stellar is the second release effort for Peppermint Bone.


The Lonely Road Ahead has no ulterior motive for its existence, save for the sheer pleasure of writing music.  It’s also the first PB album to feature lyrics*!  Come take a listen, because no matter your genre preference, there’s bound to be something in there you’ll like!
* Lyrical versions to be released as they’re finished, though the instrumental versions are released sooner.

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