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Close To The Wind (2003)

CTTW_CoverClose To The Wind (2003)

Created specifically as a soundtrack for the Deadweasel Studios / Thunder Alley Films collaboration project, Westward Bound

Listen live with the streaming player by clicking the Start Stream Player link to the left, or download direct below.

01 - Desert Rat [5:31] (5.06 MB) (1456 snags to-date)

02 - Bighorns Rollin [5:49] (5.33 MB) (1372 snags to-date)

03 - Shadows of Ourselves [3:08] (2.87 MB) (1356 snags to-date)

04 - Beat Conductor [5:40] (5.2 MB) (1354 snags to-date)

05 - Highlife [4:35] (4.21 MB) (1965 snags to-date)

2 Responses to Close To The Wind (2003)

  • Hey Cmack!

    I really dig these tunes! They had me dancin’ and bumpin’ my head here at the homestead. Very nice work! One thing though, Big Horns Rollin wouldn’t play. I wanted to hear it too!

    Keep up the great work!

    Bumpin’ to the tunes

  • Thanks for the props! I always like to hear back from the listeners, especially with feedback on the solo projects!

    I fixed Bighorns Rollin’ too. Turns out there were some duplicate tags from the re-building of the site. Figures the one track I didn’t double-check was the broken one!

    Anyhow, good to go, enjoy!

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