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Inner Stellar (2005)

Inner Stellar (2005)

Another dedicated project, Inner Stellar was originally intended to be the soundtrack for a cancelled CGI movie entitled “Traxxis”. When the Children of the Gods podcast began its run, there were only two tracks completed in the album, and it was decided that Inner Stellar would better serve as a soundtrack for the podcast series instead. Over time, the album began to include tracks that were simply inspired by the story as well.

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01 - Inner Stellar [8:44] (7.98 MB) (1400 snags to-date)

02 - Breaching the Frontier [4:26] (4.05 MB) (1330 snags to-date)

03 - Among the Stars [4:07] (3.75 MB) (1329 snags to-date)

04 - Fusion Bottle Dance [5:58] (5.45 MB) (1346 snags to-date)

05 - Tears of the Lost [4:17] (3.92 MB) (1310 snags to-date)

06 - The Desparate Sword [6:41] (6.11 MB) (1423 snags to-date)

07 - Starsong [5:56] (5.41 MB) (1981 snags to-date)

08 - The Long Jump Home [7:05] (6.47 MB) (2036 snags to-date)

09 - Stare Me Blind* [3:21] (3.05 MB) (1313 snags to-date)

*NEW* 10 - Flashpoint (3:38) (6.6 MB) (1758 snags to-date)

* Stare Me Blind had the makings for a great track, but the source layout for the song was lost in a hard drive crash. One of these days I’ll see about re-creating the layout so I can finish the track, but that project is currently on the back burner.

** Another great track that got the axe by the hard drive crash, so it’s incomplete as well. Still, enough of the track was finished to be a good listen.

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