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The Lonely Road Ahead (2009)

TLRA_CoverThe Lonely Road Ahead (2009)

A soulful blend of acoustics and electronica, inspired by life in the desert.

This is the first Peppermint Bone album to feature lyrics!  Tracks to be added as they are finished.

01 - Gone Too Long (Instrumental) (10.21 MB) (1396 snags to-date)
Lyrical version in-production

02 – Sandstorm (currently in production)
Lyrical version in-production

03 - Come Home To Me [5:27] (5.11 MB) (1955 snags to-date)

04 - Bass of Operations [6:06] (5.6 MB) (1151 snags to-date)

05 - Better Than Never [3:12] (2.93 MB) (1789 snags to-date)
Lyrical version in-production

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